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    by George

    Math Tutorials and More
    by George

    Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)

    Picture of Leonhard Euler

    Leonhard Euler is considered by many to have been the greatest mathematician and physicist of the eighteenth century. He made significant contributions to nearly every branch of mathematics — calculus, differential equations, calculus of variations, algebra, number theory, complex variables, geometry, topology, and combinatorics. He also made significant advances in many branches of physics — mechanics, astronomy, electricity and magnetism, light and color, hydraulics, optics, acoustics, and elasticity. During his lifetime he had more than 500 articles and books published. An additional 400 of his manuscripts were published after his death. His publications were well known for their originality and clarity of exposition. Euler established much of the mathematical notation used today. Throughout his life, Euler was a committed Christian. He ably defended his faith against attacks by enlightenment philosophers such as Voltaire. I have described his life and faith in the paper entitled “Leonhard Euler: His Life and His Faith.” An Adobe Acrobat file containing this paper can be opened by clicking on Euler.pdf.