Math Tutorials and More
by George

Math Tutorials and More
by George

What You'll Find Here


Mathematics Tutorials

This site contains tutorials on several topics in math­e­mat­ics and numerical analysis. There are tutorials on practical harmonic analysis, numerical linear algebra, digital signal encoding, symmetry reductions and the mathematical modeling of Sonar transducers and arrays. They can be accessed here.

Papers on Acoustics

This site contains a number of papers on acoustics, particularly the acoustic radiation and scattering from arbitrary shaped bodies and the acoustic interaction of Sonar transducers in an array. They can be accessed here.

How to Format eBooks

Nowadays I do most of my reading on a Kindle and as a result I became interested in how eBooks are formatted. I have written a tutorial on how to format an eBook for Kindle and EPUB devices using HTML, CSS, and the Kindlegen program. This tutorial can be accessed here.

Science and Faith

In a slightly different vein, you will find here a collection of papers related to the interaction of science and the Christian Faith. Several of these papers describe famous encounters involving science and faith such as the Galileo affair, the Scopes Trial, and the Huxley-Wilberforce debate. Another paper looks at various views of the creation days in the first chapter of Genesis. The collection also contains brief biographies of Leonhard Euler and James Clerk Maxwell which include their scientific achievements as well as evidences of their Christian Faith. These papers can be accessed here.

Fortran String Utilities

This section of the web site contains Libraries of Fortran computer routines for manipulating character strings. These routines are oriented toward the parsing of character string input and the evaluation of mathematical string expressions. They can be accessed here.