Location Of The Trial

The trial was held in the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton Tennessee. The courthouse had seating for about 700, but there were approximately 300 who stood during the trial. Dayton Tennessee was a prosperous and quiet town in the Cumberland mountains with about 1800 inhabitants. There were many beautiful homes, two banks, a hosiery mill, a canning factory, and the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company. In the fields outside Dayton farmers grew soybeans, wheat, tobacco, and strawberries. The main gathering place for town leaders was Robinson's drugstore. Dayton was a Christian community with nine churches. The population of Dayton had decreased from about 3000 in the 1890s to 1800 in 1925. This may have been one reason that the town was looking for publicity. Figure 1 shows what Dayton looked like in 1925.

Figure 1: Downtown Dayton in 1925.


Figure 2 shows the Rhea County Courthouse where the trial was held.

Figure 2: Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton Tennessee.